Our system is set to boot players after they have been idle for 3 hours. We permit the use of idle timer/triggers for the purpose of maintaining a touchy wireless connection. If you need to leave your terminal for a short period of time, please set @idle me=AFK and @doing AFK, or something to that effect. If you'll be AFK for several hours, please log out.


We'd like to see PCs on the grid and getting at least one hour of in-public RP every other week. More than that is, of course, accepted and awesome – especially if you are playing a genre-specific character.

  • Logging in and out to avoid idle status is still counted as being "idle".
  • Unapproved characters objects will be recycled after 7 days of no activity.
  • Approved characters that haven't logged in for 30+ days will be considered idle.

In all other cases, the crew will handle any rising issues according to their best judgement. We will take into consideration the activity of the game as a whole and any extenuating RL circumstances.

If you're going on vacation or you know you'll be away, please let us know.


The IC grid is rated TV-MA for graphic violence, profanity, overtly sexual dialogue and coarse language. OOC, the rating is restricted to TV-14 due to the possibility of light profanity or suggestive dialogue and conversation.


TinySex (TS) is the act of posing virtual or online sex between two or more characters (not players). We know it happens, and we neither condemn nor condone it, but despite our ratings this is NOT a sex-centric MUSH. If you insist on participating in sexual scenes, we insist that you keep it in private rooms behind closed doors or direct your MU* client.

We require all players to be 18+ - by playing here, you are electronically stating that you are, in fact, 18 or older. As there is no way to verify the actual age of a player, the Admix crew disclaims all responsibility or liability for any adult situations or events that take place.

PCs or NPCs under 18 should NOT be involved in sexually explicit scenes. The lowest acceptable actual or visible age for any character is 16.

Three Strikes

You can thank baseball for this tidy little rule.

If a player repeatedly breaks rules or offends players and crew, or just become a general pain in the ass, they get 3 warnings before their game privileges are removed. In some cases, if action is deemed serious enough, this rule becomes null and void. Mental conditions, social diseases and "really bad RL" only excuse bad and offensive behavior so many times.

In short, play nice, follow the rules and don't be a douche.