Sometimes, compromises need to be made for the good of everyone involved.

Although public places are typically considered free-for-all, it's polite to page a scene of 3 or more and ask whether those already gathered can handle more. Many players have a limit of the number of characters they can handle in a particular scene, and we have no problem with that.

If you are in an active scene and need to go AFK, it's a good rule of thumb to let the others in the scene know. That way, they can pose around you and keep the RP going just in case you're gone longer than 5 minutes.


Players are encouraged to log interesting and potentially important RP scenes for posting on the Wiki, or at the very least keep an accessible character journal. Both measures will help keep everyone on the same general page regarding the world their characters live in, as well as help us keep track of in-game history as it unfolds. If you don't want to log a particular scene, at least consider writing an IC style "journal" post - InsaneJournal is a good resource.

If your scene consists of discussing the weather over breakfast, you probably don't need to worry about logging it. Logs and journals are also useful to have in the case of a new player picking up a pre-existing character or even let potential players get an idea of what they might be in for. Ask yourself this: "If I were checking out a game, what sort of logs would I want to see posted?"

RP Logs should always be posted with a rating, a brief reason for the rating, and you should never, ever post anything sexually explicit.

Any/all information learned from logs must be considered OOC-knowledge ONLY.


The idea of this MUSH is for players to enjoy themselves, but GM heavy/scripted scenes and staff tailored plots just don't scream FUN!

Players don't need permission to run scenes or mini plots if they won't affect the grid or un-involved characters. Feel free to emit non-specific criminal or antagonist NPCs of an appropriate level. A good rule of thumb – if you can't get it for a PC, you can't use it with a NPC. These types of plots and scenes are often good for exploring those quirky inner workings, or those skeletons in the closet. Anything beyond that requires clearance from Vworp, unless you want to use an OOC/What If? room.

Having aliens blow up a city block IC and then mentioning, "Oh by the way..."? Not cool.

Global Plots are restricted, since they have the capacity to involve approved characters, and/or make drastic changes to the IC world from hallucinogens dumped into the water supply to an outbreak of plague, or even alien invasion. Our main, underlying Global TP is about the ongoing fight against racism, bigotry, prejudice and the fight for survival...and for some, maybe even a normal life.

We welcome suggestions for potential plots from our players and will do our best to arrange IC situations and news posts to further these ideas.


We understand that many players typically have different views on how a particular genre character should be portrayed, but whoever's got that character at the time is responsible for the characterization. In most cases when picking up a previously played character, it helps maintain IC continuity to leave their established history intact. You can appeal to make changes to certain things that happened after they were approved, though, unless it's decided that it could affect too many other PCs.

Any long-term adjustments to genre characters need to be cleared with Vworp before being put into play including marriage, pregnancy, death, etc.

If all you're worried about is a character's past IC relationships... you aren't obligated to continue them.


Comics, TV and movies work on a sliding timescale, so why shouldn't we? We're a very flexible 1:1

You can feel free to assume the passing of time between scenes as appropriate no matter when they took place. If your character lands in the hospital or breaks a leg, you don't have to have them laid up for 6 RL months; the healing process can "speed up" off-screen. Locked in a scene? Go ahead and RP with someone else, just pretend the scene takes place either before or after the one you’re locked in to. If you want to do some back/history RP, just hit one of the RP suites out of the OOC room.

As long as on grid scenes takes place in the same general week or two as RL, everything should be fine. That way (if you're one of those types who does) you don't have to worry about explaining why your Bank Teller is ICly in the office on a Sunday.