By logging, in you agree to follow regulations outlined in the game files, and/or as ruled by the crew if occasion requires. If you can't reconcile an administrative decision with your expectations or you feel oppressed, cheated, or violated, do NOT approach the crew unless you can be open, communicative and constructive when seeking an explanation or resolution.

No one likes to be attacked - it's a good way to get your complaints ignored.

Admix MUSH

What you create is your intellectual property, and there is no claim made beyond its potential continued use on this game for the game's duration. This includes news files, TPs, public buildings, and RP logs. Do not reproduce any original work that is not your own in whole or in part without express consent, and give proper credit. Admix MUSH and related files are (c) 2010-? to Vworp. Players are granted rights to use these files in connection with the game only.


Like any good business, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and we will exercise this right if we feel that it's necessary. For instance, a player may or may not have a "reputation" of trouble and abuse on other games. Whether this reputation is deserved or not, we maintain the right to keep an eye on that player's actions and behavior in public for signs of conflict – this even applies to the Admix Crew. If it's decided that the game would be better off without a certain player or players, there are plenty of other games out there; we won't hesitate to send them off.

Legal Notes

Any and all references and rights to pre-existing intellectual property and copyrights of established companies are reproduced here for the sole purpose of non-profit, fan-based fun. This MUSH is in no way intended to challenge the rights of existing copyright owners and is in no way affiliated with, related to or presented by any of the companies represented herein.